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Unifiram Nootropics Anti-Amnesic Unifiram Raw Material Unifiram

Reference Price: USD 10-20/g

  • Product name Unifiram
  • Cas No. 272786-64-8
  • Appearance White powder
  • MF C13H15FN2O3S
  • MW 298.3332032
  • Density 1.47±0.1 g/cm3(Predicted)
  • Boiling point 479.5±55.0 °C(Predicted)

Detailed Description

Unifiram is a highly potent AMPAkine-like nootropic that has demonstrated antiamnesic and cognition-enhancing effects in animal studies. It is reported to be up to three orders of magnitude more potent than piracetam, a commonly used nootropic. According to user reviews and Sunifiram logs, this supplement has been found to improve information recall and enhance clear thinking. Comparisons have been drawn between Sunifiram and Noopept due to their similar potency levels, with Sunifiram being noted for its memory-boosting properties and Noopept potentially having an advantage in increasing focus and alertness.

The application of Unifiram includes several functions that can benefit cognitive performance. These functions include enhancing mental intelligence, boosting memory and learning capabilities, increasing motivation levels, improving the control of cortical/subcortical brain mechanisms, enhancing sensory perception, and improving problem-solving abilities while protecting the brain from chemical or physical damage.


Unifiram is considered a relatively new and powerful nootropic that has shown great potential in enhancing memory and cognitive activity. It is believed to be approximately 1,000 times more potent than other available nootropics such as Piracetam and Aniracetam. Studies have indicated that Unifiram has positive effects on memory and cognitive function similar to those observed with more popular Racetams.

It is important to note that Unifiram is closely related to Sunifiram and exhibits similar brain-boosting effects at comparable dosages. Due to the limited availability of Unifiram, many individuals opt to take Sunifiram as a suitable alternative to this more expensive compound.

The reported functions and applications of Unifiram include enhanced mental intelligence, improved memory and learning capabilities, increased motivation levels, enhanced control of cortical/subcortical brain mechanisms, improved sensory perception, and enhanced problem-solving abilities while protecting the brain from chemical or physical damage.


In research studies, Unifiram has been found to have three primary benefits: anti-amnesia effects, acetylcholine agonism, and anti-sedative and anti-hypnotic effects. Some studies focused on Unifiram's ability to reverse the amnesic effects of AMPA antagonists and its precognitive effects using the Mouse Passive Avoidance test. Another study indicated that Unifiram may increase acetylcholine release in rats, which is strongly associated with memory and learning. Additionally, Unifiram has been found to reduce the effects of barbiturates, specifically the effects of hypnosis and sedation.
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