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Vinpocetine Improve Brain Raw Material Powder Empowering Cognitive Health

Reference price:USD 20-50

  • Product name Vinpocetine
  • CAS No. 42971-09-5
  • Mf C22h26n2o2
  • MW 350.46
  • Assay 99% Min
  • Transport Package Bottle, Drum, Vacuum Packed

Detailed Description

Step into a world of enhanced brain function and cognitive vitality with Vinpocetine, CAS No.42971-09-5,a remarkable cerebrovascular expansion compound that surpasses the capabilities of its predecessor, Vincamine. This extraordinary substance selectively increases cerebral blood flow, amplifies brain oxygen supply, promotes metabolism, and fortifies the deformability of red blood cells. Brace yourself for improved tissue metabolism, reduced blood viscosity, and inhibited platelet aggregation.

Drawing its chemical lineage from vincamine, an alkaloid sourced from the periwinkle plant, Vinpocetine has an illustrious history in clinical practice. For over two decades, it has been a stalwart ally in combatting cerebrovascular disorders and their associated symptoms. Rigorous experiments with this periwinkle extract have unveiled its remarkable ability to dilate blood vessels, traverse the blood-brain barrier, enhance cerebral circulation, optimize oxygen utilization, increase red blood cell deformability, and prevent platelet aggregation. 
Let's delve into the astounding benefits of Vinpocetine:


1. Amplifies Blood Flow: Vinpocetine serves as a catalyst for increased blood flow, paving the way for optimal brain function and nourishment.

2. Boosts ATP Production: By accelerating the production of ATP, the cellular energy molecule, Vinpocetine energizes brain cells and enhances their overall performance.

3. Optimizes Glucose Utilization: Vinpocetine accelerates the uptake and utilization of glucose in the brain, ensuring a steady supply of fuel for optimal cognitive function.

4. Regulates Sodium/Potassium Channels: This remarkable compound acts as a regulator, maintaining the delicate balance of sodium and potassium channels in the brain, contributing to the smooth transmission of signals.

5. Enhances Oxygen Utilization: Vinpocetine optimizes the utilization of oxygen in the brain, ensuring that this vital element is efficiently utilized to support optimal brain function.

6. Elevates Neurotransmitter Levels: Vinpocetine has the ability to increase the levels of neurotransmitters involved in memory, promoting sharper cognitive function and improved memory retention.

Unleash the power of Vinpocetine and embark on a journey towards optimized cognitive health. Elevate your mental acuity, enhance brain function, and unlock your true cognitive potential with the formidable Vinpocetine.